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Why You Need the best Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

The best Indianapolis criminal defense attorney is a hard thing to define. I guess we would start by saying they are hard working. That they don’t just postpone your case and actually fight for a speedy resolution. Then they would have to be honest and transparent. No lies and shady behavior.

They would have to have a deep knowledge of Indiana state law and a lot of experience in the court room. I don’t know if we are even allowed to say that we are the best Indiana criminal defense lawyer, but we fit the description. Don’t hire just any lawyer when your freedom is on the line, hire an Indianapolis criminal lawyer that will fight for you!

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Post Conviction Relief Indiana

We can still fight your case after you have been sentenced.

Expungement Indiana

Start over fresh with a clean record!

Indiana Sentence Modification Lawyer

There are multiple ways you could have your sentence modified.

Indiana Theft Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of theft? Let us represent you!

Indiana Drug Crime Attorney

From a simple possession to a major trafficking offense, we have you covered.

Indianapolis DUI Attorney

Don't fight this major traffic violation alone!

Indiana Criminal Appeals Attorney

Let us file an appeal and get your case overturned!

Post Conviction Relief

There are still options for legal help even if you were found guilty and are currently serving a sentence. From appeals to sentence modifications, our specialty is post conviction relief. 

Sentence Modifications

There are multiple ways that you could have your sentence modified. Some of the ways you can receive a sentence modification are:

  • Completing special conditions of your sentence or probation.
  • Taking classes or receiving an education while incarcerated. 
  • Paying off all fines and restitution early.
  • Changes in Indina State law

Let the Indiana sentence modification lawyers at Lipinski Law help you today!

Criminal Record Expungements

A Indianapolis expungement lawyer is qualified to guide you throughout the record-sealing procedure. Whether you have been arrested for or convicted of a felony, there may be a sealed record that prohibits you from obtaining certain jobs, obtaining credit, obtaining a license, or performing certain types of work. Don’t let an old mistake hold you back anymore. Call  an Indiana expungement lawyer at Lipinski Law today.

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