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Lipinski Law is a well established law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. When you need a criminal defense lawyer in Indiana for something minor like DUI or a major felony like Homicide, you're in good hands with Lipinski Law!

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Arie Lipinski has been a criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis for 10 years with a special emphasis on different forms of post-conviction relief. Lipinski Law has the experience, knowledge, and relationships in the Indiana legal field to give you the best legal representation money can buy.

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After your FREE consultation, you will know exactly what the cost of your legal representation will be. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with our clients. You will get an honest assessment of the most likely outcome of your legal issue and you will know exactly what you will have to pay up-front.

Arie Lipinski

Lipinski graduated from Indiana University – Bloomington with a major in Criminal Justice, obtained his law degree from Valparaiso University Law School and his Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Notre Dame Law School with a focus on federal white-collar crime.  Volunteering for God Behind Bars at Miami Correctional Facility motivated Lipinski to assist inmates in criminal-related civil litigation and prison litigation, including but not limited to actions pursuing post-conviction relief, sentence modification, recovery for damages resulting from constitutional violations and other remedies to redress injustice.  After representing governmental entities, including the State of Indiana, mid-sized and large corporations in various types of civil litigation statewide from approximately 2012 to 2020, Lipinski began utilizing his skills and experience to represent individuals and small businesses when they are being threatened with or forced to defend criminal charges, civil lawsuits involving alleged unlawful activity and/or administrative actions for violations of federal or Indiana law.  


Lipinski focuses his practice on pursuing justice for and defending individuals who are being investigated in connection with or accused of a crime, in a dispute with a government agency or have suffered injuries or damages as a result of constitutional violations.  Lipinski fights to force government actors to follow the proper procedures and processes in place to protect your constitutional and civil rights and liberties, and he takes action to ensure that the appropriate individuals are held accountable for their wrongdoing and suffer the consequences therefor.  Contact Lipinski Law if you are seeking post-conviction relief, sentence modification or criminal defense services, are in a dispute with a government agency or otherwise need legal representation in a crisis that you are facing.

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